Triumph Higher Education Triumph Higher Education

Triumph Higher Education

Case Study: Triumph Higher Education offers advanced, online cooking courses. They are big believers in wordpress and use it extensively. When an appropriate Team Member plugin could not be located, I was tasked with coding one from scratch.

I used Jquery’s animation object to code a responsive team member display module that is cross broswer.

They also needed an animated revealer that would slide open when clicked to display a sign-up form. This too had to work on mobile devices and tablets.

You can see both modules at the link below.

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Triumph Higher Education Triumph Higher Education

Triumph Higher Education

Case Study: Triumph Higher Education offers advanced, online cooking courses. They are big believers in wordpress and use it extensively. However no theme gets an easy ride here as they alter them extensively to suit their needs.

Much work needed to be done with the core wordpress files to meet their rapidly changing student enrollment needs.

Site content added via the Editor window in wordpress needed to be responsive as well as the shell, so media queries were used in these areas.

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Cultivation Capital Cultivation Capital

World Dryer (Responsive)

Case Study: World Dryer, headquartered in Berkeley, IL, needed to update the appearance of their site and to make it mobile friendly. It was decided to use an existing wordpress theme so the client could make basic content edits to the site going forward. My task was to locate a theme that closely resembled the World Dryer brand standards, and then tweak that to suit their needs.

The client required four different blog directories, so the theme had to be edited extensively to accommodate Press Releases, In The News, Case Studies and Events posting pages and categories.

Media queries were also used throughout to make the site contents responsive.

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Blue 82 Blue 82

Casale Reporting Service

Case Study: Casale Reporting Service had a wordpress sight that needed to be customized to include a responsive login for it's attorneys and reporters.

The instructions were to have these logins visible at the top of each page.

Additionally the logins had to be functional on smartphone and tablet.

To address this, I had to edit core wordpress php files to include login markup and media queries to make the logins switch to a popup modal window when viewed on mobile devices.

I used HTML 5, CSS 3 and PHP and javascript.

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Grainger Grainger


Case Study: My primary task while at Grainger for a year was to maintain the Emergency Preparedness section of their website. Their website is the fifteeth largest eCommerce site in existence, so as you can imagine, there is a very large team that maintains the site. The day-to-day mostly conisted of swapping out content on these pages with new content and migrating the site from an older Broadvision CMS to Hybris eCommerce.

Other areas of responsibility included building hundreds of Corporate landing pages and designing and coding eBlasts.

I used XHTML 1.1, CSS 3 and the Hybris CMS.

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Newark/Element 14 Newark/Element 14

Newark/Element 14

Case Study: At Newark/Element 14 they've taken a fluid HTML approach to, basically everything. Even sidebar and banner content is fluid on their site. My primary task while there was to code these fluid HTML banners and pages and to migrate them to this new fluid HTML format.

While here I learned many things about min-width and max-width in CSS :-).

I used XHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS 3 and Jquery.

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Blue 82 Blue 82

Blue 82

Case Study: Blue 82 is a St. John, Indiana sports bar & restaurant that needed a site redesign.

I suggested they spotlight the awesome gourmet food that sets this establishment apart from the Chicken Wings and Pabst vibe employed by most of their competitors. We wanted the food to be large, and in your face ...

To facilitate this, and to drive home the clean, upscale look we were going for, I had to bring in a photographer and photo stylist to prepare their food for a surprisingly elaborate photoshoot.

The client was tickled to death with the results.

I used HTML 5, CSS 3 and Jquery.

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The Colorbox Theatre The Colorbox Theatre

The Colorbox Theatre

Case Study: The Colorbox Theatre is a regional playhouse that needed a website to announce their latest productions and news releases. It was decided that a Wordpress site would best suit their needs, so a theme was chosen and then I set about tweaking it and bringing it in line with the Colorbox brand.

I used HTML 5, CSS 3 and Wordpress.

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Dr. Dale Kooistra, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Dale Kooistra, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Dale Kooistra

Case Study: Dr. Dale Kooistra is a San Diego based Dermatologist who needed a simple, informational website on a tight budget.

There was also a request for quick turnaround (isn't there always?), so the whole process took me three days from mockup to going live. Yikes ...

I used HTML 5, CSS 3 and Jquery.

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The Dynamics The Dynamics

The Dynamics

Case Study: My band "The Dynamics" wanted a wordpress site that looked different and didn't use an existing theme.

This would allow band members the ability to edit site conent without being proficient in HTML.

I did everything on this one designing it in photoshop and then coding it up into a Wordpress theme using HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and PHP.

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