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Hello. My name is Scott Crucean. Here's a quick summary of my background: I've been involved in and consumed by art ever since I made my first "line drawing" at the wise old age of one. Sort of an abstract expressionist work, if you will. I've continued to enjoy sketching, cartooning, painting as well as composing and performing music ever since.

In the early 90's I went to work for a family owned quick print shop where I was the in-house graphic designer ... doing logos, business cards, print ads, menus, brochures and signage. This was old school paste-up and layout, and boy were my hands waxy there for a while. Techniques were quite primitive in those early days before computer layout, drawing and photo editing software became readily available. It was here that I developed a love of typography, copywriting and the keen eye for design that continues to inform my work today. I also got lots of wonderful experience working directly with customers at this print shop and found it to be very fulfilling. I consider customer service to be one of my strong points and enjoy giving the customer more than they expected.

As the internet came into vogue towards the end of the 90’s, I’ve transitioned primarily into the interactive arena, but still love doing print design. These days I’m extremely comfortable designing and coding a pixel perfect website, from start to finish. I get to wear my ad agency hat for the design and mockup phase … then it’s over to left side of my brain for coding. All and all, I find this type of variety brings fulfillment to my daily routine.

Music Geek

What I Do: Advanced web 2.0 website conceptualization, design & development; sleek, "form follows function" interface design; custom wordpress themes; wordpress theme tweakage; responsive coding for mobile and email, fluid html, animated custom banner ads; dynamic eblasts; flash multimedia for training, kiosk or cd/dvd; custom powerpoint templates.

How I Do It: html, html 5, css, css3, adobe creative suite guru, wordpress, jquery, yui, basic javascript, basic php, basic xml, actionscript 2.0 & 3.0, sound design and custom audio composition and production, powerpoint and word.

Music Geek

Music Geek!
I have been a musician since I was four years old when I started taking piano lessons. Ultimately I found my way to the electric guitar by way of saxophone and have been at it ever since age fourteen! Music has been show in many studies to literally optimize one's mind for organization and overall creativity.

For some of us, it's not enough to just play guitar. A true seeker of guitar enlightenment feels a need to understand why it is his guitar sounds so sublime while that of his amigo's sounds more like an electric ham sandwich. This is why I was initially drawn to building my own guitars and amps from scratch. It's the ultimate hands-on tone experience. Now when something goes wrong with my guitar, I know instantly what it is because I remember making the part that just went haywire! Ditto with my amplifiers ... I've hand wired two of them myself. So amplifiers and I speak the same language.

Guitar Heaven

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... to browse my portfolio and learn a little about me. I hope I can be of assistance to you with an upcoming project. I would also be happy to consult with you concerning one of your existing projects. Many thanks for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate your interest!

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