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For a wonderful photo album of The Dynamics playing Q-Bar in Darien, Illinois, click here.

There is also this YouTube video of the Santana medley. Click here.

Dynamics at Friday Night Love Songs 2

Dynamics at Friday Night Love Songs 1








Ladies and Gentlemen the Dynamics

The Dynamics at Q-Bar

Wally and Brian sing "Alright Now" while Scott checks out the action

Scott and Bob tackle Santana's Black Magic Woman

Jim Glay holds down the fort

Brian plays acoustic guitar to "Good Work"

Testing ... 1, 2

Ovie sings "Johnny B Goode"

Ovie Salgado

"Hand Jive ... Do that dirty hand jive"

Bob Hill

Wooly Bully!

Fun with percussion

Scott Crucean

I'm goin to Kansas City

G L O R I A Gloria

Scott and Bob dual to Mustang Sally

I shot a man in Reno

Wally Ayres

Scott solos on Northside Girl

Brian Salgado sings Feelin' Alright