Dr. Dale Kooistra, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Dale Kooistra, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Dale Kooistra

Case Study: Dr Dale Kooistra is a San Diego based Dermatologist who needed a simple, informational website done very quickly and on a tight budget.

I also designed his logo which uses partially eclipsed sun iconography to convey his skin care theme.

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Blue 82 Blue 82

Blue 82

Case Study: Blue 82 is a St. John, IN based sports bar & restaurant that needed a site redesign. I suggested they spotlight the awesome gourmet food that sets this establishment apart from the Chicken Wings and Budweiser theme of most their competitors. I brought in a photographer and stylist to prepare their food for the photoshoot. Client was tickled to death with results.

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Cultivation Capital Cultivation Capital

Cultivation Capital

Case Study: Cultivation Capital is a venture capitalist firm that needed a clean, polished looking website that was commensurate with their upscale clientele.

My task on this project was to take their existing site content and give it a completely new look and feel. After wireframes were approved, I submitted two fully realized photoshop mockups.

The client now maintains the site.

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Fish-i Design & Video Fish-i Design & Video

Fish-i Design & Video

Case Study: Fish-I Design is a design studio located here in Chicago. They needed a temporary site redesign on a quick turnaround. I was able to mock this up and code it all in four work days.

Mission accomplished.

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Gene Crucean, Auto Racing Photograher Gene Crucean, Auto Racing Photograher


Case Study: My father is an auto racing photographer and historian. The sky was the limit on this one as he had no idea what he wanted. I suggested we use a sepia theme to match the vintage racing photography on the site.

The logo was also my design.

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Dr. Dale Kooistra, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Dale Kooistra, M.D., Ph.D.


Case Study: CWEB was a regional vitamin supplement supplier that commisioned this site. They wanted a very, clean, polished and open design that allowed everything to breath.

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Northbrook Center Mall Northbrook Center Mall

Northbrook Court

Case Study: During my time at GGP I designed several sites for their many shopping malls including this one for Northbrook Court. Their existing site had become stagnant utilizing a beveled and very dated looking navigation, so I gave them a clean, sleek looking upgrade that relied heavily on professionally shot imagery.

The Dynamics The Dynamics

The Dynamics

Case Study: My band "The Dynamics" wanted a wordpress site that looked different and didn't use an existing theme. This would allow band members the ability to edit site conent without being proficient in HTML. I designed it in photoshop and then coded it up into a Wordpress Theme.

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